Our Approach

Our aim is to help you achieve what you want out of life.

Initial meeting

We start by understanding your needs and aspirations. Our wish is to gather information on you and your family so that we can develop a straightforward strategy to support you in achieving your goals.

We want to understand what is important to you, so that together we can take something complex and formulate a clear plan.

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Initial Plan

We analyse your information to build a picture of your current status. Then we review your objectives, any constraints and then produce a strategy to achieve them.

At this stage we also describe the different types of asset classes and investments available. This feeds into determining your 'attitude to risk' and your investment model(s). We then clearly explain the range of planning options available (see Financial Planning).

We will walk you through the financial plan, explaining to you the charges, any risks and the potential rewards.


We then take total responsibility to ensure the implementation runs smoothly. The process starts with your signature and then we monitor the external providers to resolve any questions that might arise. At key stages we will update you with progress.

We will then invest into your chosen investment model(s).

If you top up or make withdrawals we will monitor the process to ensure it runs smoothly.


We monitor the markets daily throughout the year to support our glovbal investment views. This feeds into either tactically adjusting the investment models or waiting until your formal review.

Unfortunately individual fund managers leave and some fund management companies merge. We analyse the impact it has on the investment models and update them accordingly.

You will have on-line access to your investments, but you will also receive investment valuations every quarter. We can be contacted at any time to help you, you do not need to wait until the formal review.

The platforms that administer your investments may merge with another competitor. We will review the impact and advise you accordingly.

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